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"⁣Dutroux en de dode getuigen" is een docu die werd gemaakt door de Duitse omroep ZDF. Hij zou ook in België uitgezonden worden, maar dit werd tegengehouden door bepaalde instanties.

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Tomorrowland 2023

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⁣What goes in, must come out... ook bij Theo Francken

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The beautifully crafted CORE stage, one of Tomorrowland’s most unique stages, left the enchanting forests of Tomorrowland for the first time ever to make its debut in the heart of Tulum’s jungle. The iconic music festival curated a one-of-a-kind experience nestled amongst a lush natural scenery, immersing people in the jungle rhythms of Tulum, surrounded by the magical Zamna cenote and the raw beauty of nature’s surroundings.

Brina Knauss – We Know (EMPATH)

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Tomorrowland Belgium Hardwell

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⁣On My Way: remix - by Duardo

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A powerful earthquake has killed at least 632 people in Morocco.
There’s significant damage being reported, and the number of casualties is expected to rise.
The U-S geological survey says the magnitude SEVEN quake struck some 70 kilometers south of Marrakesh.

Al Jazeera’s Hashem Ahelberra begins our coverage

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⁣The Flash 2023

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Jerry and I decided to take a quick flight up to Black Rock to check on how Burning Man was holding up after all the recent rain.

As close as it gets to the real thing, the FreedomFox in Microsoft Flight Sim is out now, here's the lowdown:

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⁣Kanaal Dessel-Turnhout-Schoten from above

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Turnhout from above

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...teveel. 😂

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Echt niet normaal meer die "jongeren". 😡

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Hello guys! I am a former military man of the Ukrainian army! Pikhotinets was sent to Bakhmut, where my psyche could not stand it, and for the next three months I suffered in the hospital until my condition stabilized! Now I have been diagnosed with Mixed Dissociative Disorders with pronounced painful manifestations for life! Hope for your understanding and support! After all, you and my channel are probably the only source of income for me!
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my tg:

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This is a sleepstream and is intended to help you sleep.

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00:00:24 Kristen Hanby - All On Me (MOTi Remix)
00:03:40 Mesto & Justin Mylo - When We're Gone
00:07:10 HARDWELL EXCLUSIVE: TripL - Get On Down
00:09:51 HARDWELL EXCLUSIVE: Asonn - Dagga
00:12:21 NEVERGLOW & KRAL - I Like The Way You Talk
00:15:59 Bingo Players, Felguk, Fafaq - Devotion (Will Sparks Remix)
00:18:25 Quantum Theory - Fire
00:20:55 Albert Breaker - Birdo
00:23:58 REVEALED RADAR #1: hackeDJackerz - Back To Me
00:27:20 REVEALED RADAR #2: Bleznick Sander & Censse - Blow Up
00:29:54 REVEALED RADAR #3: Agus Zack & Bauti Tesei - No Choice
00:32:43 Danny Avila - My Blood
00:35:44 Curbi - MOVE!
00:39:14 Rush & Crush & Metano & Uneven - You
00:42:22 Sagan - Knock
00:44:52 Christopher Damas - Mr. Colin
00:47:07 Flaremode, Audiosonik, Stephan Vegas - Please Myself
00:49:54 Justin Prime & Subliminals - Buena Vida
00:52:08 Rub!k & Paffendorf - Be Cool
00:55:29 MOST VOTED TRACK: REGGIO & Futuristic Polar Bears - Rave Anthem

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Graeme O'Neil takes a look at Taylor Swift's reaction to NSYNC reuniting and presenting her with Best Pop Video at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, and Will Smith's comment on Instagram.

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