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Can I earn money with Flixii?

Yes, you can earn money on Flixii by uploading premium content. Check out our help center for more information on monetizing your content.

Is Flixii free?

Yes, Flixii is completely free to visit. To upload content to our platform you will have to create a free account.
Users can also upload paid premium content. For this content you will have to make a small contribution in order to view such content.

Is nudity allowed on Flixii?

Yes, nudity is allowed under certain conditions. For example, nudity should only appear in your content if it is useful or informative for your video. For example, videos about art, education,...
If your content contains nudity, you must mark your video as 18+ during upload.
Porn is not allowed on Flixii. When you upload porn, your video will be removed and you may get a strike.

Can I broadcast live via Flixii?

Yes, you can broadcast live. You must meet a few conditions to broadcast. For example, you may not have active "strikes" on your account. Check out our help center for more information about live broadcasting.

Do I need an account to watch videos?

Most of the videos on Flixii are freely accessible. However, there are also "premium" videos available that you can only watch with a free account.
However, most of the videos that users upload are completely free to access without an account.